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PTFE Cushion Gasket


A good quality product filled with filler that have excellent compressibility and recovery inside , is coated with Teflon that have excellent chemical-resistance and stress-relaxation is small in high load, have excellent seal ability.

Graphite Mould Ring Model: G-1000

Flexiteck GRAPHITE SEAL; manufactured out of Pure Graphite (99.5% to 99.9% Carbon) Containing no oil or grease, susceptible to melting out, or vaporization; no binder or additive that could contaminate process streams.
It’s extraordinary   chemical and physical properties make it an ideal material for manufactured of different types of packings and seals for pumps, valves an flanges.
It’s the common choice in industries like heavy Electrical, Thermal Power Stations , Fertilizer Plants ,Steel Mills Petrochemicals, Refineries, Nuclear Installation, Heavy Water Plants, Paper Mills , FoodStuffs, Chemical And Other Process Industries.